The Impact of BritPACT



Ongoing collaborative projects within BritPACT

Following the inaugural “Emerging Frontiers in PsA” meeting on 14th October 2015, a number of potential research and educational priorities were developed with the attendees of that meeting. Further survey work with the membership and steering committee has aimed to prioritise these unmet needs to inform the future collaborative projects in BritPACT.


Rheumatology editorial

Led by Dr Jon Packham, the steering committee published an editorial in Rheumatology outlining the role of BritPACT and the potential advantages to an independent network of PsA researchers in the UK who could lead on research and educational activities.

Support for MONITOR-PsA “Trials Within Cohorts”

Following an email to the BritPACT membership, five BritPACT members volunteered to support the Multicentre ObservatioNal Initiative in Treat to target Outcomes in Psoriatic Arthritis (MONITOR-PsA) study by serving as independent members of the Trial Steering Committee and Data Monitoring and Safety Committee. This study is running at the Universities of Oxford, Bath and Cambridge, led by Dr Laura Coates.

Barriers to T2T qualitative research

Led by Dr Laura Coates (University of Oxford) and Dr Emma Dures (University of West of England), BritPACT are collaborating in a project to address the barriers and potential facilitators to implementation of a treat to target approach in PsA. This project hopes to commence in 2018 and will use qualitative research methods to explore the implementation gap in this field. BritPACT members will be invited to participate and contribute to this project.

Raising awareness of HQIP data

Analysis of the BSR HQIP audit data addressing outcomes in PsA was performed by Professor Neil McHugh and his team at Bath. Once this is published, BritPACT are aiming to raise awareness of this research highlighting the delay in diagnosis and impact of PsA in the UK.

Radiographic features of PsA

Dr Nicola Gullick and Professor Bruce Kirkham have proposed a project to investigate radiographic features of PsA in collaboration with a radiologist developing new analysis techniques. We hope to facilitate this research, identifying investigators and centres to participate and the ideas behind this project will be presented at the 2018 Annual Education and Training Day on Friday 9th November 2018.



Annual Education and Training Day on PsA

BritPACT have hosted an annual education and training day on psoriatic arthritis since the first in 2015.  The attendance at these meetings has increased year on year with over 60 registered delegates.

In 2017, the BritPACT annual meeting was held in Birmingham in collaboration with the Brit-SpA annual meeting.  The groups maintained separate meetings but also hosted a combined session and dinner with presentations on all aspects of spondyloarthritis and a lively pre-dinner debate.  The agenda is available here.

Consensus-based Best Practice Statements

Starting in 2018 and led by Dr William Tillett, BritPACT will be developing consensus based best practice statements to help physicians integrate current national and international treatment recommendations with practical advice on optimising patient care. We aim to cover topics including screening, diagnosis, assessing prognosis, assessment of disease activity, management and comorbidities.