NEWS: Introducing informatree; a new website resource from GRAPPA for helping people manage psoriatic arthritis.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Introducing Informatree a new website  from the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (GRAPPA) that is now live. Informatree is a free web resource aimed at helping people with psoriatic arthritis live well.

We are delighted to launch the informatree website resource from GRAPPA.

People living with psoriatic arthritis worked together with health care professionals who treat people with psoriatic arthritis, psychologists and researchers to develop the new resource.

The project was led by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Still, it was informed by people with psoriatic arthritis living worldwide.

We have created a web resource for helping people manage psoriatic arthritis. The contents were agreed upon by people living with psoriatic arthritis and clinicians.

The resource is designed for people with psoriatic arthritis and those who help support them. They can use it by themselves or with their healthcare provider. It looks at different health behaviours people can adapt to help them manage their psoriatic arthritis symptoms.

It covers fifteen topics, including fatigue, keeping active, mood and sleep. The resources are not intended to focus on drugs or medications. There are freely downloadable action plans for each topic. People are encouraged to make a practical plan to try out.

The information is based on the best available evidence and most up-to-date advice. We have provided the weblinks to all of the research studies we used to create the resource. It is intended to complement the other medical treatments people have been recommended for their psoriatic arthritis.

People from any country are welcome to use Informatree.