NEWS: Priority Setting Partnership Survey

Monday, June 15, 2020

What questions would you like to see answered by psoriatic arthritis research?
The British Psoriatic Arthritis Consortium is working with the James Lind Alliance to run a priority setting partnership (PSP). We are looking to create a national top 10 list of research priorities for psoriatic arthritis. We want ideas and thoughts from people with different experiences and backgrounds: those with psoriatic arthritis, their families, carers, and clinicians.

The PSP opened in June 2020 with the launch of the first survey which asked people what they thought were the most important unanswered questions in psoriatic arthritis research. Over 300 people responded and almost 1000 questions were submitted which is fantastic. Once the survey closed in September, the responses were then collated before being narrowed down into 46 summary questions, grouped into 8 themes related to psoriatic arthritis.

Now we need to identify the Top Ten questions that are the most important to people who live and work with psoriatic arthritis from these forty-six summary questions.
We will do this through the launch of a second online survey which is currently being prepared. It is anticipated that this will launch in April 2021 and it is so important that as many people respond with their opinions as possible.

So, if you or a family member, friend or colleague have psoriatic arthritis or if you a healthcare professional who cares for people with psoriatic arthritis then please do help the team by completing the second survey when it launches.

Further information about how to access the survey will be available once the second survey has launched.

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future direction of psoriatic arthritis research, so please make sure you have your say!